Rumble Platform - Release Notes



  • Single Sign On support is now available for all users (SAML2). This is available the SSO Settings button on the My Team page.



  • A handful of small cosmetic issues have been resolved in the web interface.



  • The asset correlation algorithm now accepts looser matches for TCP/IP stack fingerprints when matching an asset by IP address. This reduces the chance of asset churn when one or more services change between scan runs.



  • Scan tasks now have Name and Description fields. These can be set during task creation and updated in Recurring and Scheduled tasks. These fields are shown in the main task view right after the task type.
  • Existing scan tasks can now be copied to a new scan configuration (Copy action in the task list). This simplifies the process of running a one-off scan from an existing recurring scan definition.
  • Less common scan options have been moved to the Advanced Scan Options section, which is now visible by default in the scan configuration page.
  • The Team Manage menu now include an option to reset the security tokens of a team member (available to superusers only).
  • The Sites listing now links the site name to the inventory search query. To edit the Site definition, use the Update Site action from the Modify menu.



  • A race condition was fixed that could lead to some scan tasks failing with the error agent failed to queue task.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements were applied to the console.



  • A bug was fixed that caused some Scanner downloads to have a license expiration set in the past.
  • The task scheduler is now more tolerant of temporary network errors when queueing scans.